FOSTER ENTERTAINMENT is a development and production entity engaged in the writing, development, and production of original program material. All of our properties have been originated, developed, and written in house.

It is the express purpose of this corporation to produce only product which is both highly entertaining and ethical. It is our firm belief that entertainment that is exciting and can be enjoyed by the entire family and entertainment that evidences responsibility and integrity are not mutually exclusive, rather this is the combination that always proves to be highly profitable.

We believe in heroes with character. We believe that good triumphs over evil. And we believe it's about time that our entertainment, which has been shown to have a profound effect on our culture, take an accountable position and evince values that can be lived by.

FOSTER ENTERTAINMENT is to this end engaged in creating films and television programs that are not only enjoyable to the broadest segment of the public, but our product also represents a return to programming characterized by good judgement, high entertainment value, and high profit.