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Production Notes

CONFLUENCE started out with a working title of THE BOX in early December of 2010 when my wife and producer returned frozen from her evening walk in the neighborhood and said “You have to come see this.” I cannot tell you what this was, but suffice it to say it was the germ of an idea. In the next few days we wrote part of a story and built a spectacular prop with cobalt blue LEDs and a self actuating mechanism. We called on our longtime friend and actor John Knippers to play Mr. Homulus and shot our end scene. Then we went to Jamaica for Christmas.

Upon our return we developed our story and refined it. We wrote and rewrote the script. We scouted locations and cast our other actors from within the Tulsa theater community. We enlisted Wayne Rivers to do sound design, scoring and grip work. On the day we shot our big exterior outside historic Cain’s Ballroom it was sunny and 74 degrees. A week later we couldn’t shoot because Tulsa was socked in with its biggest snowstorm in history. We weathered through (pun intended) and shot our final scenes the weekend of January 29th. We could barely drive on the ice but we got ‘er done.

Thanks to all who generously gave of their time and contributed their considerable talents to this film project which was literally produced on a meals only budget of less than five hundred dollars.

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