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mr. homulus
Mr. Homulus and the shopkeeper
The street musician

Director’s Statement

We set out to tell the story of everyman. What everyman faces everyday. And what happens when he faces his worst day. How does he utilize the one gift we all have – the power of choice. Does he ignore its power, miss the opportunities presented? Does he embrace the potential for positive change? Does he allow himself to be led by situations, people, or his conscience?

In the middle ages in England a morality play was penned called “Everyman.” But the idea goes back much further than that. Homulus (everyman) dates back over 2000 years ago in Rome. We wanted to tell a story of an everyman with as little dialogue as possible, to tell the story visually, to make a real movie that would move people with its depth and simplicity, and encourage them to examine their own choices.

To that end our hero is not overly handsome, nor overly smart. He is not overly talented, nor without means. He doesn’t have all the answers but they’re there for him to find.

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